Wednesday, September 22, 2010

if theres beauty after the breakdown...

why the fuck am i not the sexiest bitch ever?

does that just mean its only getting worse?

cuz thats what it feels like.

and instead of dealing with all the shit, ill just get high off of drugs and food and going to the gym for hours.


  1. drop the food
    drugs are bad
    gym is good

    idk my attempt at making "grown" advice
    hope you start feeling better soon!!!

  2. *ditto*
    trust me hunni screw drugs and screw food you've lost so many pounds before you know you can get past this, refocus and lose again. Dont let it get you down, we can kick fat's ass from now. if your happy at the gym spend all yr waking hours there - but u must concentrate on doing wateva makes u feel good!
    u'll b ok soon xx