Thursday, March 24, 2011


idk why, just cuz i guess. i look slightly different than the last photos i updated, but i can't tell how, because i haven't lost or gained weight and i dont know if ive gained muscle or lost muscle so idk but theres me now lol
arms, legs ugh...
i have a pudge on my stomach. actually, you cant see it because im wearing clothes, but my stomach is the worst part, because i have loose skin and stretch marks from losing so much weight and not working out enough to have abs :/
but one day!!! i shall be sexy :D


  1. Wow, can I look like you please?

  2. I'm gonna second that comment above. I know you're gonna think what you want about your body no matter what anyone else tells you, but I'm still gonna say I would love to have that body. Little waist and shapely legs? Yes, please. I admire your determination, though. I don't have that kind of self discipline, so I like to stop by from time to time and get a little inspiration :)

  3. you are absolutely gorgeous i swear. . . . i'll post pictures of myself when i'm even close to being as lean as you!! better a little pudge than a full blown pot belly lol. really missed your inspiring words and love LOVE that pink song xx