Tuesday, October 13, 2009

i just did something incredible

i ate so much just now. and didnt gain anything at all.......
here's the list:
4 pancakes
3 peanut butter sandwiches
2 bowls of ramen noodles
2 poptarts
2 bagels
2 bowls of cereal
3 veggie burgers
a huge bowl of mixed steamed vegetables

and guess where it is right now?

down my kitchen sink :0

i just chewed up like a months worth of food...
and spit it out into the sink.....

and even though im like 156 right now because i had a juice binge last night, i feel on top of the world!
because i have gone all day with no calories!
and i've gone like almost a week with no food at all!
(only cuz mom made me eat :P)

but yeah :)
coffee anyone?


  1. Haha what uppp. Careful with the c/s though, apparently even when you're just chewing your mouth secretes digestive juices that can end up damaging your teeth!

    Seems like your liquid fast is going splendidly. : ) Keep up the good work!

  2. oh my god you're so FREAKING STRONG! i'm completely in awe of your control. you're such an inspiration.

    keep up the amazing work! you're doing a fantastic job!

  3. Oh man, you are awesome!! I just started a liquid fast today. This gives me so much hope. Seriously, thank you so much. I want my calorie count at the end of the day to be zero, too.

    I didn't think I'd be able to do this, but I know I can now. Thank you and keep up the awesome work. You're gonna get so tiny so fast!!! =D