Wednesday, October 14, 2009


this week could have been so amazing.
i was being so good.

and then...

i blew it.
need i say more?

i feel really different right now than i think ive ever felt.
i binged, but right now, i do not care.

i'm almost sick and tired of trying so hard and getting nowhere. i hate that i do this to mysefl, and it only pays off until i backtrack.

i think i may take a break for a little while?
after this month is over, starting november first.
no more than a month or so..
but i want to try to do this the "healthy" way... you know, like 4 small meals a day?
i've done this before, and it worked just as well, except a little bit slower.

my goal was to get to 140 by the end of this year, and i'm pretty sure i will get there.
i just need time to think, to clear my head.
i want to try to water fast for the week before november, to get all this out of my system, and start fresh in november.

as for right now...
my kitchen is devouring me.
faster than i am devouring everything in it.

hugs n kisses

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