Monday, February 9, 2009

yay so far so good today :DDDDD
i drank so much water today, and i had a small sip of grape juice, and i just finished a frappuccino to reward myself, and after my homework, im going to bed!
and i think im going to like, make some ramen noodles, and flush them down the toilet so when mom gets home it looks like i ate something.
yeah :D
go me!
i'm so happy that today was a good one. i needed this real bad after all that happened last week.
this is my vow: i will never let it get that bad again.
from now on, no more bingeing. i can't do that to myself anymore.
on days that i'm not fasting, ill just eat really really little stuff.
but no more full out box-of-pizza binges.
besides, i always feel gross after i get done anyways, and i love the feeling i have when my stomach growls so its better to just not eat.
i'm excited for tomorrow!
peace, love, and high quality h2o!

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