Saturday, December 10, 2011

it's winter break. all my friends went home but i stayed on campus so i can make it to work. my only priority until january 4th is work, which means i have time to work out now. also, i will be making a shit ton of money :)
i'm hoping to be like 137 by new years. 137 at the most. idk what i weigh now, last time i checked i was 143, so i have 6 pounds to lose.
with how little i've been eating, and how may days a week i walk to work, and how much i plan on lifting weights, i think i can do it.
i need to buy a scale for my dorm.

i miss you guys. i've been so busy with work and school and drugs :/ ugh lol

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  1. Work and school and drugs, oh my!

    Lol, just had to say that!

    I'm aiming to be back in the 66kg area by new years. I need to get more laxatives, fuck the water weight they make you retain, I just need to get the roughages I have to ingest at work OUT of me!

    Buy a scale for your room and hide it, otherwise everyone and their dog will wanna borrow it!

    Love you, take care <3