Thursday, December 8, 2011

i cried for an hour on acid. the depths of my soul were opened up to me and like poured over me and it was dark and cold and empty. i am a horrible person. i'm basically a drug dealer's booty call and i sell drugs and i'm the one responsible for it and i don't even care. i love my life and knowing that i love it makes me so sad because i don't want to be a bad person and i don't want to feel bad about myself, but when you realize you have nothing left to live for you latch on to the only thing available to give your life meaning, and for me that was drugs simply because they fuck me up and i honestly just want to fuck everything up and die. i honestly don't want to live.
but i'm too much of a pussy to kill myself.

like where the fuck did all this come from? it was so random, but so true :(


  1. Remember that even if a particular truth is horrible, it is not the whole of who you are.

    You are more than you think you are.


  2. You are so much more than you think you can be! This is a sad post, but i hope you start to see the good in life. I am not going to lecture, but I would suggest stop doing the drugs and see the happiness. It may help...
    <3 stay in there. life can be an emotional place for all of us.