Saturday, November 19, 2011

plan: get off work, workout, play sims 3, sleep
reality: get off work, binge, purge, play sims, no sleep, work...

im too mentally exhausted to be alive :( i had 500 calories yesterday and like 600 the day before that and i only have one of my papers done and i have like $120 worth of ecstasy to sell by monday. i haven't been to the gym, i have a $150 late fee to pay for my school, and i have to talk to my therapist on campus to see why there is still a medical withdrawal hold on my registration account :( i cant even register for next semester yet because of it and registration started 11 days ago so all the classes i need to take are full now :'(

what the fuck am i going to do?


  1. Ugh, the hold on your account is the story of my life. But people are always dropping and rearranging their schedules- you should get a few that aren't bad! Good luck.

  2. oommmggg ive been away from u all for soo long and just finished catching up on your blog just now... refuse to ever take such a long hiatus from here again. I'm still fat but was thinking back to the time when I was fat AND inspired lol and sorta realised yours was the first of these blogs i started reading when I joined the community and typed in 'I want to starve myself pretty' into google ;) anyways I remember how inspiring you were with the no calorie wednesdays and constant starvation :p I ko u'll get back to that and you're already so beautiful but 10 pounds less in the near future n you'll be fucking stunning AMAZING!!!!
    pls keep readin n supportin babe! luv ya xxxx

  3. Ugh, Universities are the PITS when it comes to red tape and administrative fuckups. Worst one I ran into was going between Burns&Commerce about 6 times in one day (waiting in line each time) because nobody could work out who was supposed to sign what. *Facedesk*

    Get the most urgent ones out of the way first. Put a rocket up the ass of whoever is responsible for the red tape and don't worry about what you can't change.

    Love <3