Monday, November 7, 2011

oh and also, my friend cody and i are pretty much fyb now :) and honestly, i feel a lot better now that there aren't awkward sexual tensions.
i mean, we're best friends, it's not like we haven't had sex before, and it kind of just makes more sense than just being friends and the both of us being all sad and lonely. and i like the cuddles :)
and even though we are best friends, and we've tried the whole dating thing before and we both know that it never has worked before because we're such good friends, it kind of is like this: we're both lonely, and we've known each other for like 5 years, and no matter what happens whenever we're both single we always come back to each other. like, we tried to be bf/gf the first time, but he met this other girl and fell madly in love with her and i stepped back because i guessed he just wanted to be friends and then we hid under this cover of "oh he's just like a brother to me we're just best friends" for a long time.
yeah i still think about jake a lot though, i miss him, and i would give anything to have him back. no one is ever going to take his place.
i just wish i had told him i loved him more often.

anyways, so basically my life right now= no food, lots of sex, lots of work, and lots of weed. no time to exercise, but sex with me is pretty much exercise (lol) and i'm on my feet all day long at work so i'm ok with this.
i need to get my school caught up.

and now i feel like i'm just rambling..... the actual point of this post is just that i feel a lot better right now than i did a few weeks ago (minus the tired all the time thing) and also that im gettin my dick wet :D tehehe

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  1. this always makes me wonder about my bf's friend. Lol he says shes like a sister.