Saturday, November 5, 2011

my job is deflating the little bits of me that are left :'( i'm so tired. i literally have no days off at all. so i guess i have to choose either money or a social life... but without money, a social life is just not the same.
drugs aren't free. lol
my schoolwork is gonna go right down the drain now too though, i have three exams this week, i had to drop one of my classes, and i have like no time to do homework like ever...
oh and i have two papers due this month :(

working is keeping me from eating as much, so at least i'll be a rich skinny bitch :D


  1. work helps me staying strong, so I understand. :) Rich skinny bitch? Sounds perfect to me :)

  2. The body is a fucking expensive status bauble.

    I wish my job helped me starve. It just makes me ravenous, and there is so much food RIGHT THERE.