Friday, October 8, 2010

letting things happen

thats what im doing.

i always binge when i visit home.
but it's ok, because i work out like a beast all during the week, and i hardly ever eat, and i have laxatives with me this weekend, so i think i'll be ok.
im only going to be here two days instead of three.

but still.
i feel like i cant control myself when im at home.
and i hate that :/

good news: i havent smoked a cigarette in almost a month :]
and my tattoos are healing very nicely :]]


  1. good job in staying smoke free!
    it was a challenge for m, but i feel so much better now :)
    if you know you're gonna binge, try to aim for healthy stuff like carrots, etc.
    good luck hun!

  2. good luck on keeping in control, i'm sure you'll do fine! and congrats for not smoking, that's really good :) stay strong, xox