Monday, February 22, 2010

thanks yahoo answers :]

crash diets anyone?
1. pick any two fruits, eat one in the morning and the other around 4pm.. then only drink water and eat much as you want!

2. Every morning, drink a glass of hot water mixed with a little cayenne pepper, lemon juice, and a little maple syrup for taste. This mixture will help cleanse and detox your system, so you may be peeing a lot more than usual, but it really helps. Drink a lot of water throughout the day. If you must eat, eat some celery or lettuce. Celery is great because you burn calories when you chew it.
For the next two weeks, maintain a liquid diet. Drink as much water as possible (no, soda does not count as water).

3. eat boiled rice for 3 days straight(as much as you want or can, you shouldn't add any salt or anything to the rice, just as it is from the box), the next 3 days you are allowed to eat boiled carrots(again, you shouldn't add salt or anything else to it, and you can eat as much as you want), and the other 3 days you are allowed only apples. that's it, you're not allowed anything else but water.

4. Eat a low calorie cereal for breakfast and eat vegetables and fruit for lunch and dinner. Go for a jog everyday for half an hour and do sit ups/push ups when ever you have free time. Try and not eat past 6pm.

5. sugar free jello. I lived off of it for a summer. I lost soo much weight. The whole pan is only like 40 calories.

also, these websites are amazing.
after i finish this staircase thing, im going to do every crash diet imaginable. i only have like 2 months until prom. gotta get skinny asap.


  1. omg gross.
    I actually had a friend talk me into that cayenne pepper thing It sent me to the hospital in agony (muscle spasms in my stomach) ewww.
    I know alot of weird fad diets can work, probably cause they keep your caloric intake down. Don't go too crazy, you have plenty of time til prom to get in tight shape.

    xoxo zen

  2. thanks hun might try the rice/carrots/apples one next week :) xx

  3. I just can't do those kind of strict diets : ( I wish I could though. I read a lot of blogs with people just doing one after the other and I wish I could be that strong....You lived off jello!? Haha! Awesome.
    I'm sure you'll look amazing for prom ; ) You've come much farther than me. Its interesting because so many people on here start at the weights we are now and only have to lose 20 lbs to reach their goal where we've had to lose so much already! I do admire you though, seeing as how much you've lost. Very inspiring. I'm sure we'll have no-touching thighs soon enough ; )
    Stay strong <3