Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ok. so,

i was going to ban myself from blogger until i got back down to 150, but i cant do that its been way too long. last week... well,,,,, as bad as you think it could have ever gotten, it was worse than that. i dont want to even try to explain that.
but im ok ish now, im 151 today, and still doing abc. today is 350 calories and im sure ive gone over a little but not too bad so im not going to be all self-hating today and count it as a fail day because ive been doing really great this week so far and i want to stay positive.
im sorry this is going to be short, and im even sorrier for not keeping up with you guys's blogs, but i hope everyone is doing ok at least better than me.
im going to kill myself now: no blogging until i get back to my lw. 6 pounds.
unless i blog from my phone.
im so determined now.
i have to be skinny for prom.
off to go play dance dance revolution!
i love you guys so much <333


  1. I'm sure you'll get back down in no time ; ) Good job on staying on abcs! I find its best to stay positive, because when ever I start getting down on myself really bad I eat more :/ So stay positive :D
    and stay strong ;) <3