Wednesday, February 15, 2012

i used to think drugs made me not care about food to the point where i just wouldn't eat, but now it's slowly becoming this sort of thing where i'm so whacked out that i don't care if i'm fat.

cue the cycle:
gain weight>>freak out>> starve>> lose weight>>binge...

i was going to try to restrict and then i realized i have no fucking idea how to do that anymore :'(
i'm in recovery goddammit.


  1. Ahhh the cycle I know so well. Breaking out of it is empowering. You can do it. xoxo

  2. *Hugs*

    Try hunting up information on the recommended daily caloric intake for someone of your gender/age/height/activity level and split that into meal/snack nommages for a guide? Eds fuck your digestion and metabolism so it may take your body a few months to adjust. Lol, don't fear the shark-hunger when your body realises it's getting food again. It's our genetic programming to react to food again after famine with a voraceous appetite. Stick it out, it will pass.

    Love you and miss you. I hate the drugs from stealing a cool blogger from me, but I understand why you use them. There have been many times recently where I wished I had the money to get off my face and forget about myself for a while.